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ABOUT  Lauren 

I don't only create because I'm paid to....but I create for me too!

Your Floral Artist

Every need is unique and every look should be too! Each bloom is selected with you in mind. I work to ensure that the look and feel for your event is eye catching, elevated, and gives a looser feeling of luxury to the entire space.

My floral journey began out of the desire to make people comfortable, and I subconsciously realized that flowers provide that feeling of ease. It took me a few years to understand why flowers chose me, but we are honestly the perfect match. I am artistic and oddly calculated, in that I want things to matter, whether it be a vacation or a random dinner date with an old friend. With a previous career in corporate marketing and advertising for a few global companies, I am able to understand my clients' needs and how they can be brought to life.


I value moments and I appreciate good aesthetics. Floral design really helps feed the beast inside of me that yearns to create and to be alive. Flowers make us appreciate the moment and live in the present. I am forever grateful for this space and this journey.


We approach each of our pieces as art

I believe that no floral need is alike! Each creation is designed with you in mind every single step of the way. I believe that every moment is unique and that we must give ourselves the grace and space to truly enjoy life. Full Bloom by Lauren was created simply for that reason. 


Peace, Love + Petals


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